Ties are dull, conservative and solely for businessmen? Far from the truth: Ties are cool, accentuate a personal look and are an elegant accessory. When design, pattern and colour harmonise ties become an absolute eye catcher – especially when combined with a waistcoat and jacket.


Do you have visible tattoos? In that case, ties are the absolute killer-look because they emphasize apparent opposites so wonderfully. On the one hand – the cool bold tattoo style, on the other – the traditional male accessory – unfortunately worn less and less often these days. The combination of tattoos and ties accentuates, attracts attention and highlights your personality.


What should be considered when wearing a tie with visible tattoos? A few simple basic rules – easily flouted if you prefer:

Coloured tattoos – on the neck for instance – require single-coloured ties with discreet patterns to emphasize contrast. Black visible tattoos look best with multi coloured ties. Have no fear of wild patterns: Ties with elaborate patterns, for example Paisley or flower designs, will set off your tattoos brilliantly, especially if the colours contrast.

When ties, a classic of men’s fashion, are worn, they should be tied in the classical manner: We suggest the double Windsor – perfect symmetry and a knot of well balanced size.


Go for it and complete your look with waistcoats, jackets and breast pocket handkerchiefs. A word of advice: Often silk breast pocket handkerchiefs are purchased with the ties. That’s perfectly in order. But a man of the world does not wear a breast pocket handkerchief identical to his tie. Instead, tie and breast pocket handkerchief should contrast slightly, both in colour and pattern. A black and white patterned breast pocket handkerchief fits well with most highly coloured ties but the ultimate look is achieved by a breast pocket handkerchief that picks up a colour from the tie.

The Irezumi Fine Arts: Koi on Black


A homage to Japanese tattoo art and a symbol of strength, determination and ambition: The Irezumi Fine Arts Wristwatch with a hand-painted koi.

The Irezumi Fine Arts: Koi on White