Tattoo Artist of the Month: Karl Frey of Studio Kreuzstich in Berlin is the tattoo artist of our choice. Karl, from Brandenburg, holds many awards and distinctions, has worked for some 12 years as a professional tattoo artist at Studio Kreuzstich in Berlin and specialises in challenging dot- and line-work tattoos. Absolute dedication and precision – attributes associated with a Swiss Made watch – are as typical of Karl as his passion for individual designs: no dot is ever forgotten and straight lines seem drawn as with a yardstick.

Tattoos – as Individual as Their Wearers

Karl Frey was never a classical „motif-book” tattoo artist. Instead, he creates exacting and individual designs for each respective client. The client’s personality and the part of the body which is tattooed both play a decisive role for Karl: it’s all about the effect the tattoo has on the body, and therefore, his creative and impressive subjects can be expanded according to the wishes of the client. In this way, a discrete dot-work subject can in time become an elaborate work of art extending over the entire body. This conceptual work often leads Karl to develop an originally small area into major project …

Plain Black or as Colourful as Birds of Paradise

Anyone who wishes to make their name as a professional tattoo artist in Berlin – the accepted tattoo capital of the world and more specifically in the colourful urban district of Kreuzberg – has to be the master of his tattoo machine. Karl Frey works mainly with a traditional classic coil machine but is also experienced in the hand-poke technique – tattooing by hand with a single needle – as well as work with modern tattoo techniques and machines.

A lot of his creations are purely black-work tattoos but for his clients Karl is also prepared to make use of his paint pots to make colourful tattoos in old school designs as well impressive Asiatic works of art.

André Clémençon and Karl Frey are not only connected by a long-standing friendship and a relationship as client and tattoo artist – they also collaborate in the development of new designs for future watch models.

Patience is Worth its While

Booking Karl Frey as a tattoo artist requires some patience. However, it’s well worth the wait! His contact details are found on his website Here you can see some of his work, purchase his artwork and make an appointment with him.

The Irezumi Fine Arts: Koi on Black


A homage to Japanese tattoo art and a symbol of strength, determination and ambition: The Irezumi Fine Arts Wristwatch with a hand-painted koi.

The Irezumi Fine Arts: Koi on White