Are André Clémençon watches Swiss Made und what is the significance of this?2021-01-28T18:32:51+01:00

We guarantee that André Clémençon watches fulfil the Swiss Made stipulations of the Swiss Watch Industry. The principal value creation of our watches takes place in Biel/Bienne and Tavannes in the heart of the Swiss watch industry. This applies to production and assembly as well as to the automatic mechanism.

Why is ’Swiss Made’ so important?2021-01-28T18:33:23+01:00

To this day, The Swiss Watch Industry is still the leading producer of first-class quality wristwatches. Our watches are precision instruments with Swiss automatic mechanisms that are extremely sustainable and do not use current or energy. Our watches are not anonymous objects of mass production – they are exclusive gems produced with a great deal of care and expertise.

What guarantee is offered on your products?2021-01-28T18:33:49+01:00

All André Clémençon watches are covered by a 2 year guarantee as from date of purchase. The exact details can be found in the general purchase terms.

Should the watch be serviced regularly?2021-01-28T18:34:19+01:00

André Clémençon watches are highly reliable precision instruments with first-class Swiss automatic mechanisms. Ideally, your watch should be serviced every 4 to 5 years by a professional watchmaker. The watch can also be sent directly to us. Please contact us in advance per eMail at info@andreclemencon.com. You will then receive forwarding details and a cost estimate.

What is the procedure for watch repairs?2021-01-28T18:34:48+01:00

If still within the guarantee period the watch can simply be sent to us. Please advise us of the repair in advance per eMail at info@andreclemencon.com. You will then receive shipping documents and further directions. Repairs that fall under the guarantee terms will be carried out free of cost for the duration of two years. In all other instances, you will receive a cost estimate in advance.

Can I replace the wristband myself?2021-01-28T18:35:12+01:00

Yes, the replacement of the wristband is very simple. André Clémençon wristbands have an Easy-Click-System. In addition, all commercially available wristbands with a 22 mm lug can be installed on the watchcase. In order to avoid damage we recommend this work be done by a specialist.

How do I order online or by telephone?2021-01-28T18:35:41+01:00

Online order: Choose a product and place it in the shopping basket. Proceed to the checkout and select your preferred method of payment. You will be guided through the ordering process step by step. If you prefer to place your order by telephone, please call +41 32 361 22 55.

Is ordering with andreclemencon.com secure?2021-01-28T18:36:12+01:00

All data and payment information transmitted via our website is secured by SSL (https) and processed by a Swiss payment service provider (Datatrans). We do not store your payment details or credit card number. Further information can be found in our general purchase terms.

Where can I buy a new, suitable wristband?2021-01-28T18:37:02+01:00

André Clémençon replacement wristbands are available from us. For this purpose please send a request to info@andreclemencon.com. Wristbands are also obtainable at specialised shops. In this case, take your watch with you to the specialist.

What payment methods are available?2021-01-28T18:37:42+01:00

The following credit cards are acceptable: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PostFinance. Payment is also possible using bank transfer (prepayment).

When will the purchase sum of my order be debited?2021-01-28T18:38:09+01:00

Your credit card is debited as soon as your order is shipped. It is possible to block the relevant sum in your account immediately after completion of the Check-Out. Further details can be found in the general purchase terms.

Are taxes, fees, custom duties etc, charged?2021-01-28T18:38:39+01:00

The prices mentioned in the online-shop are inclusive of the legal taxes and customs duties levied in the countries we ship our products to (see category ‘What countries do you ship to?’). If you reside in a country not mentioned on the list please contact us at info@andreclemencon.com.

What are the shipping costs?2021-01-28T18:39:24+01:00

The national and international shipping costs are generally free of charge. Should you prefer an express or fast goods dispatch the service will be charged for.

What countries do you ship to?2021-01-28T18:39:59+01:00

We ship to:

Great Britain
The Netherlands

If you reside in another country and wish to purchase a watch, please use the contact form or send an eMail to info@andreclemencon.com.

How do I track the delivery status of my order?2021-01-28T18:40:39+01:00

After your order has been shipped, you automatically receive an eMail with a delivery tracking number (tracking code) to enable you to follow the delivery status.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?2021-01-28T18:41:09+01:00

Normally your delivery takes from 2 to 7 days to reach you. The confirmation eMail you receive stipulates the exact delivery time together with the delivery tracking number.

Is my package insured for shipping?2021-01-28T18:41:34+01:00

All our shipments are insured. A signature is necessary for receipt of the package.

What delivery services do you use?2021-01-28T18:41:49+01:00

We deliver with DHL Express (Switzerland) Ltd., both nationally and internationally.

How do I exchange or return a product?2021-01-28T18:42:03+01:00

All products ordered from our website can be returned within 14 days and your money refunded – an explanation is unnecessary. No refund is given on custom-made or personalised products (for example, with an engraved name) unless they are defective. To return a product, please contact our support team at info@andreclemencon.com or call +41 32 361 22 55. Please have the serial number at hand. We will send you a pre-paid shipping label for free of charge return. Please appreciate that we can only accept or exchange new, unused and undamaged products.

How long will repayment take?2021-01-28T18:43:22+01:00

Repayment of the purchase price takes place within 10 days after receipt and inspection of the returned goods. The repayment takes place using the payment option chosen when your order was placed.

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