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[Press Release, 17.06.2021.]

Swiss Luxury Watches for the „Weird Gentleman“

André Clémençon has launched a new Swiss watch brand onto the market with the intention of revolutionising the design of high-quality men’s watches and to attract a new target group: “The Weird Gentlemen”. The focus is on tattoo art. The design of the watches is strongly inspired by tattoos, and the designated customer group is distinguished by an affinity for the art work on their skin, and for masculine elegance.

Tattoo Design Meets Swiss Watchmaker Art

Tattoos are an art form that is asserting itself more and more in our society and not to be ignored in the world of fashion and lifestyle. André Clémençon has created the first watch worldwide that not only pays tribute to this trend but also includes it as an integral part of the design. Whether the connection to tattoos is noticed immediately or only at second glance: the passion for tattoo art is apparent in every model of the new brand. Produced in small quantities in the Bernese Jura – the cradle of the Swiss watch industry – these gems fulfil all the quality standards expected from a first-class mechanical Swiss Made watch. They possess reliable automatic works with a power reserve of approximately 38 hours, anti-reflection sapphire glass as well as superior leather wristbands with refined stitching and steel folding clasps to prevent the watch from falling off while being put on. The sapphire glass watch-bases allow a view of the mechanical works which have a special finish and an engraved oscillating weight. The search for the second hand and date display is in vain: Nothing distracts from the exciting tattoo design – for although an André Clémençon watch is a precise time-keeper – it is also far more – a gem of timeless aesthetic value.

A Little „Weird“ Must Just Be…

Tattoos and elegance do not exclude one another. On the contrary, they can fuse to make an individual, impressive appearance as demonstrated by many fashionable media personalities in culture, sport and entertainment. At the heart of the target group for André Clémençon men’s watches are, therefore, the “weird gentleman”. As defined by the founder, a “weird gentleman” is a man who sets new standards in design, elegance and masculinity, wears tattoos with self-confidence and does not dictate to traditional and conventional values. At the same time, he lives a self-aware and sustainable life and is fully conversant with technology without submitting to the latest trends. He is the new-age version of the hipster or dandy who uses the stylistic accoutrements of classical men’s fashion and combines them with contemporary elements. “Weird” stands for individuality, independence and the audacity to be conspicuous enough to set oneself apart from the masses. For instance, the “weird gentleman” wears a tie with a visible neck tattoos, a first class watch on his artistically decorated wrist or combines welted leather shoes with a pair of the latest vintage jeans. Those who do not yet openly show their passion in daily life, and prefer to wear tattoos under their clothing, can still effectively express their affinity and common bond with the fascinating art of tattoos by wearing an André Clémençon men’s watch – for these are perfectly suitable at a board meeting as well as in a nightclub. A little “weird” must just be and makes life just that much more colourful and exciting.

International Launch with Two Models

The focus on tattoos and high quality craftsmanship are what distinguish André Clémençon watches. Those who are familiar with tattoos know how many styles and variations are found in this timeless art form. This diversity is what André Clémençon wishes to express with his iconographic watches. To launch the brand this independent watch producer offers two models of men’s watches, each in their own way representing classic tattoo culture, and differing distinctly from men’s watches on the retail market.

„The Nautic Star“ – a Magical Moment in Watch Design

The nautical star is one the most well-known tattoo symbols worldwide and represents a safe homecoming for the mariner. This connection to seafaring and sailors has led to the nautical star’s popularity as a tattoo. So it is not surprising that the applied, smoothed and polished nautical star covering the entire face of the model ”The Nautic Star” is an attention-getter. The watch face is available in white or black, and in addition has an imprint of scales borrowed from Asiatic tattoo art which adds additional depth and dynamic to this elegant gem. The Swiss Made watch with a calibre of AC01 SW200 has a stainless steel casing with a diameter of 45 mm, anti-reflection sapphire glass, a transparent base made of flat sapphire glass assembled with six screws, and smoothed, hand polished and – according to the colour of the watch face – red or black lacquered hands. The watch is available for EUR 2650.00/CHF 2690.00 and is directly available online on the brand website

„The Irezumi Fine Arts: Koi“ – Every Watch A Unique Specimen

“The Irezumi Fine Arts” Series is a prime example of the interaction of Asiatic tattoo art, European elegance and Swiss watch-making expertise: Thanks to the elaborately hand painted koi on the mother-of-pearl face each watch is distinctly unique and a statement of elegance and class. The timeless designs of Irezumi tattoos are among the most favoured in the world. The koi is a talisman, decorates countless people all over the globe and symbolises that man will master the challenges in life. Owing to the mother-of-pearl coating the koi appears as alive and at ease as a fish in water. The classic indexes with Roman numerals and hands lacquered in either red or silver create a distinct and timeless appearance. Here the designer has also consciously refrained from using second hands or a date display. The watch is 45 mm in diameter and the valuable watch face is protected by scratch resistant, anti-reflection sapphire glass. The elegant stainless steel casing has a sapphire glass base assembled with six screws and allows a view of the AC01 SW200 calibre Swiss watch works with special finish and engraved oscillating weight. The “Irezumi Fine Arts: Koi” models are available with black or white mother-of-pearl faces. Thanks to the elaborate hand painting of the koi each watch is a unique specimen. The watch is available for EUR 4450.00/CHF 4490.00 and is directly available online on the brand website

A Statement for More Sustainability

The watches produced by André Clémençon are exclusively mechanical and set an example for more sustainability: An automatic watch is kept in motion by the movements of the wearer, functions completely without batteries of any sort and needs no software updates. In the same way as tattoos, wearing an André Clémençon watch makes it part of the owner’s personality, in time it obtains an individual patina, never ages and never looses its accuracy. Thereby, it lasts as long as the owner’s tattoos: a lifetime.

Tattoo Enthusiast and Watch Designer

André Clémençon, the eponym, designer and CEO of the independent brand founded in 2019, is personally a passionate collector of tattoos and a thoroughly convinced “Weird Gentleman”. Although the brand is completely new André Clémençon can look back on a life-long involvement with the Swiss watch industry: generations of his family were employed in watch manufacture. Born in Switzerland, he lives and works in Biel/Bienne (Switzerland), the heart of the Swiss watch industry and the home of major watch producers and manufacturers, as well as in Berlin, regarded as the tattoo capital of the world. The idea of transferring his passion for design, tattoos, handicraft and urban lifestyle to the world of watches evolved during long hours spent in tattoo studios in Berlin, Biel and Paris, where he lived for several years. An André Clémençon watch is intended to emphasise the individuality of the wearer and his passion for tattoo art – irrespective of the tattoos being visible or hidden under a shirt. The philosophy of uniting tattoos and masculine elegance with gems of timeless elegance is the driving force that underlines the company André Clémençon Contemporary Watches AG based in Biel/Bienne.

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